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Terms of Service / Contact Info

All Packages:

1. If any server rule is broken with the use of your donation packages, a total of 1 warning will be issued. This will lead to donator packages being taken away.

2. Abuse of power or sweps in any way, shape or form will result in a warning, and then the package being taken away.

3. No refunds.

4. If found necessary by a staff member, you will be under review by staff and a member of management may remove your packages with a valid reason.

5. With VIP or having purchased a package, you are NOT immune to any punishments from staff and you will NOT receive special treatment.

6. Chargeback will result in a permanent ban across all Capital Community servers.

Server Donation Terms and Conditions

Please review our policy below related to server donations and digital service purchases. By donating to Capital-Community, you hereby accept these terms and understand the following statements herein


While refunds are not granted; this also includes special circumstances which may occur, whether by direct action and/or anything out of our control. Under no circumstances, shall a refund be granted for donations made to Capital-Community (collectively "The Network"), including but not limited to:

Suspension or termination of the network servers and / or services; temporarily or permanently.
Suspension or termination of the users account within the network.
Data corruption or interruption which involves either temporary or permanent loss of any perks or benefits related to a users account. Including both recoverable or non-recoverable. A refund of the perk or benefit after data loss is strictly up to the network managers which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be denied at any time with or without notice.
You understand the following when donating to the network:

Any attempt to retrieve a refund from us for any donations will result in a permanent ban from the server, which includes loss of the users VIP ( the "donation role" ) or any other items that have been purchased by the user at the time of the donation.
All donations that give in-game currency ( collectively "Galleons" and/or "Credits" ) are considered a digital currency, with no cash value and are merely perks given to a user for donating.
Special perks or benefits given as a result of donating may be suspended or revoked at any time with or without prior notice.

We reserve the right to terminate your account with or without prior notice for any reason including but not limited to:

Failure to follow any rules or policies related to our services, which includes servers, website, or network related communication methods.
Staff disrespect, intimidation, threats, or any other action which could be classified as "threatening" or "harmful" towards any Capital-Community services and / or personnel.
Progress resets may be done on a user who breaks a rule or attempts to gain an unfair advantage on other players, which is non-reversible and non-disputable.

Services are provided by the network without any warranty; the user hereby disclaims any warranty that the network shall be error free, without defects or features which may cause damage to the user's computer. User shall be solely liable for any damage, defect or loss incurred as a result of being connected to services related to the network and undertake the risks contained in utilizing services that are affiliated to the network.

Custom Roles

By purchasing a custom role ("Service"), you agree to the following conditions:

A mutual agreement and payment with the owner of the network is required prior to the custom role being implemented.
Custom role / class in question must revolve around the theme "Hogwarts" and Wizarding World Lore.
Prices for custom roles / classes may vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to the size of the content and the amount of work involved with the process of that particular class setup.
You may not change your model after the initial transaction has been completed for free.
Only a maximum of four (4) other players may have access to your custom role.
Adding a person to your role's access list costs an additional $10.00 USD / person.
Animagus forms and other extra spels / wands / emoticons or any extra addition you require cost $2.00 USD / stuff.

The process of creating a custom role:

► Adding PumaB on steam or on discord PumaB#8098


► Discussing the details and agreeing on a price that depends on the amount of work that has to be put in and the MB size of the content you are adding or any extra addition you require.

► You must include your steamID as a note next to the payment!

This is very important so we can associate the the steam account with the payment.

To find out your steamID paste your steam community profile link in to this site:


Your custom role will be disabled if you stay inactive for more then a month! However you can ask us to re-enable it anytime, costless!

Any attempt at scaring, abusing or threatening a staff member if you are unhappy with the service you received within your gift donation to ''Capital Community'' will be reported to the nearest authority and we reserve the right to seek legal action against any deformation of character, slander or misuse of services, and or in the event of fraud.

By agreeing to the terms and policies stated herein; you acknowledge that you will not be treated different from other players, and that you must abide by all of the same rules and regulations that other players do. Failure to follow our rules can result in loss of your VIP rank or custom role. This is not a service or a good, you are simply receiving extra benefits for donating, and donating is as is.

Contact Info

https://discord.gg/JhKK2xD ► Invite link to our Discord server
https://www.patreon.com/capitalcommunity ► Become a Patron
https://capital-community.com/forums ► Forums

Contact the owner of capital-community.com:

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/167147156/

Discord: PumaB#8098

Skype: pumab9999

[email protected]