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F1 - Switches between 3 camera views First Person / Shoulder Cam / Third Person
F2 - Toggle class system
F3 - Toggle Mouse cursor on/off ( usefull for votes and pressing buttons on your screen )
F4 - Role selection screen
F5 - Screenshot
F6 - Report a player
F7 - Achievements
F9 - Welcome screen
F11 - Global voice for Game Masters
F12 - Screenshot

R - Open profile ( Look at someone close )
shift + P - Shows your own Profile

shift + O - Shows server Options
shift + F - toggles cursor ( same as F3 )

C - Context menu for customizations ( Hold )
C (hold) - Customizations & quick acess to inventory

Chat commands:

!stash - Spawns a stash you can hide money in for interest or items.
!shop - Opens VIP store where you can buy permanent and other items
!motd - Opens welcome screen
!rules - Opens the current ruleset of the server for players
!steam - Opens steam group and claims a reward
!group - Should open only the steam group without the reward claim
!discord - Join our discord server to read about helpfull stuff and itneract with the community
!forums - Opens the forums
!help - Tutorials

To sit down somewhere, aim then press ALT and your USE key ( default: E ) at the same time.

To kick someone out from siting on your playermodel, simply type: "get off" in your chat.

// - OOC chat ( Out of character global chat that everyone can see. This chat also gets relayed to discords #relax channel vica versa )
/looc - same but local in your radius
/y - yell
/w - whisper
/g - group chat - that means for example if you are a teacher only other teachers can read your message, or people from the same house.
!report - Report a player / sends message to admins
@ - Report a player / sends message to admins
!unarrest - ( prefects only ) Usage: !unarrest [name]
/dropmoney [ammount]
/trade [name] - opens trade window with a player
/give [ammount] - gives ammount of money to player you are looking at
/demote [playername] [reason] - Example: /demote namepart RDA
/cheque [name] [amomunt] - Drop money to a specific player
/pm [name] [message] - Write a personal message - You can also create chatrooms in the chat addon
/invholster - Holsters your current weapon to the inventory
/write [text] - Spawns a letter with your text
/advert - To make an advert in chat
/ me - say somehing about yourself - For example /me raises hands.
/switchjob - switch jobs with the player you\'re looking at.
!stop - stops the music if an admin starts one
/votekick [playername] [reason] ( VIP only )
/roll "number" - Roll from a random number given

Console commands:

cl_dsit_allow_on_me 1 or 0 ( allow , disallow siting on your playermodel )
cl_dsit_friendsonly 1 or 0
cl_togglelegs 1 or 0 - disable your legs from first person view

chess_top - shows top 10 chess players

stopsound - can be used to stop stucked sounds

All role commands (chat commands):

Usage: (write in chat) /jobcommand
Example: /wandmaker
For example you can be a Wand Maker fast by typing: /wandmaker in the chat.

To see the chat commands for each role juts press F4, click on a job and read its description.
Chat Guide

To access the settings open chat, and click on the

Here are all the settings! Increasing max chat history for example is pretty useful!


No Parse - <noparse></noparse>
Anything chat inside of the tags will not be formatted. So for example, if you put <noparse><avatar></noparse> inside of the two tags, instead of showing your avatar, it will just show the text. Good for showing binds to people, but then again you can always just check console.

Colors - <c></c>
You like colors don't you? To type in colored follow this format,
<c=(Red value from 0-255),(Green value from 0-255),(Blue value from 0-255)>Text goes here</c>

Before you ask here are the House colors for that House Pride!

•Gryffindor | <c=140,20,21></c>
•Hufflepuff | <c=255,224,86></c>
•Ravenclaw | <c=50,80,193></c>
•Slytherin | <c=92,142,71></c>

LimeGreen - <lg></lg>
Any text put inside of the tag will be made into a lime green color.

Spoilers - <spoiler></spoiler>
When a message is inside spoiler tags, the message must be clicked to reveal the message.

HSV Text - <hsv></hsv>
The flashing rainbow text, shown below

Flashing text - <flash></flash>
Following the same premise of color chat, a flash needs to be set following this format:
<flash c=(Red value from 0-255),(Green value from 0-255),(Blue value from 0-255)>Text goes here</flash>
The text will flash between the color set, and black.

Vertical Scan - <vscan></vscan>
The text will remain white, while a colored bar will scan over the text vertically.
To set a vscan follow this format: <vscan c=(Red value from 0-255),(Green value from 0-255),(Blue value from 0-255)>Text goes here</vscan>

Horizontal Scan - <hscan></hscan>
Same as the last, this time horizontal.
Hscan format: <hscan c=(Red value from 0-255),(Green value from 0-255),(Blue value from 0-255)>Text goes here</hscan>

Reverse - <reverse></reverse>
Simply just reverse the text put inbetween the tags.

Avatar - <avatar>
There are two options for this:
•<avatar> | Which will bring up own avatar in chat

•<avatar=STEAMIDHERE> | Will bring up the avatar of the person's steamID used.

Icons - <icon></icon>
This one is an interesting one, it follows a very specific format being:
<icon (size),(size)>icon16/(IconNameHere).png</icon>
Remove the parenthesis. The chat defualts icons to 64 by 64 if no amount is speficed, I recommand 16 by 16 as that is the orignal size of the emotes. When using this one don't change ANYTHING exepct (IconNameHere).
For Example:
<icon 32,32>icon16/coins.png</icon> becomes

Here you can find the name of all Icons:
There is also this infographic:

Steam Emotes - <semote></semote>
This one is a little confusing for me, it's supposed to show the corresponding steam emote when you do it. I haven't had any luck with this one myself hopefully you guys can get some luck with this one.
<semote>(Name of Steam Emote)</semote>

Atlas chat calls it Expressions, but it's all the same. Funny enough in the files it calls it emotes, lol. There's a lot of these I'm not going to go over them all here, but to access them Open up chat and click on the
When you click on one it will paste it into chat for you.


Chat sound commands:

Type these into the chatbox.

behind you
cut it
dont tell me
excuse me
get down
get in
get out
good god
got one
gotta reload
here they come
hello, hey, hi
heads up
he's dead
how about that
i know
ill stay here
im busy
im with you
isnt good
it cant be
it is ok
lead on
lets go
never can tell
not good
not sure
now what
oh no
over here
over there
pardon me
please no
right on
same here
shut up
spread the word
stop it
stop looking at me
take cover
take this medkit
task at hand
talking to me
thats you
this cant be
this is bad
too much info
uh oh
wait for me
wait for us
wanna bet
watch out
we're done for
what now
whatever you say
whats the use
whats the point
why go on
why telling me
you and me both
you never know
you sure
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Basic controls tutorial for new newcomers: