Approved Indigo Addington's Trial-Moderator Application



CC Staff
1. What is your time zone and country of residence?
Eastern Time Zone (EST)-New York-USA

2. Your age:

3. Your SteamID:

4. Your Steam profile URL:

5. Your In-game roleplay name:
Indigo Addington

6. Your Steam name:

7. Have you ever been banned? ( Explain why, If so. )
I have not. On any server.

8. Do you have a microphone, if so, will you always use it in your sits?
Yes. I can use it if needed.

9. What is RDM? Is it allowed?
RDM is an abbreviation meaning Random Deathmatch. It occurs when a player randomly kills others without a good/rp reason to do so.

10. How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod and how many of those are on the server?
I have over 50 hours on Gmod, however I have played it numerous times on older accounts from 5+ years ago. It's nothing new to me. I know how it functions. As far as the server goes, I have played on it within the past couple of days. I saw that they were in desperate need of staff members and I would love to contribute in any way possible.

11. Why do you want to become Staff?
I will be honest, I have always wanted to become a staff member on games like this because it has always been a dream of mine. I see this server as a good opportunity to really make a difference within the community. I have also been informed by Puma that there is a strong need for staff at the moment. As it stands, there are not many players online so I would like to practice/learn to be a staff member. I understand the importance of having staff members moderate the server and assist new players, while also deterring bad behavior and taking the appropriate action to deal with intentionally troublesome players. I love meeting new people and I truly have lots of faith in this server. I believe it can do very well again with the right people running it.

12. What ideas for events do you have that could be fun to do on the server? ( Only answer if applying for Game Master. )

13. What is the significance of being Staff?
It ultimately comes down to providing a fun & safe experience for ALL players on the server but I also believe that placing a strong emphasis on brand new players is super important. I have seen other server moderators bully new and/or returning players when the higher-up admins are not online. This is frustrating for me to see because they don't think to reach out to admins and they don't try out a different server. Additionally, I would like to try and go above and beyond my duties to collect feedback from other players. That way we can see how they found out about the server and any suggestions they may have. I think this is very important.

14. How active are you on the server?
I am 25 years old. Therefore, I work from 9 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday. I can usually get online for a couple hours every night. It all depends on my schedule. Sometimes I can get online longer on the weekends and/or stay up later.

15. Past experiences as staff: ( Optional. )
Not yet. Gotta start somewhere :) but I am more than willing to learn everything about being a staff member & helping others.

16. You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation?
Yes. I understand this completely.

17. How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal ( with your time ) With Capital Community?
Unfortunately, I recently went through a bad breakup. However, this has resulted in me having much more free time. I am committed to learning how to be a staff member as often as I possibly can. I have spent many hours with Puma on the server over the past few days so I have a general understanding of how most things work. Everyone that I have met have been so nice & respectful and I want to return the favor to new & returning players as well as other staff members. I will try my very best to be available as much as possible, especially in the evening. If it's the weekend I can be on longer or go online super late (1 am, 2 am, etc.). I check Discord every day so if someone desperately needs me, more often than not I can get online and help.

18. Did you read the staff rules, staff handbook and the player rules and the Staff helper/Game Master guidelines if applying for that?
I have read all of the staff & student rules as well as the staff handbook.

19. Referral(s): ( Which Staff recommended you to apply? Optional. )

If I get approved, I promise to do my very best. If I get confused about something I will use my best judgement or reach out to another staff member.