Approved Izuki Kageyama's Trial-Moderator Application

1. What is your time zone and country of residence?
Central Standard Time; United States of America

2. Your age:

3. Your SteamID:

4. Your Steam profile URL:

5. Your In-game roleplay name:
Izuki Kageyama.

6. Your Steam name:
Mr. Bunny.

7. Have you ever been banned? ( Explain why, If so. )

8. Do you have a microphone, if so, will you always use it in your sits?
Yes, I plan on using it for sits

9. What is RDM? Is it allowed?
Random Deathmatch (killing another player with no rp reason); Absolutely not.

10. How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod and how many of those are on the server?
464 hours and counting; 131 hours and counting on the server

11. Why do you want to become Staff?
To better the RP experience, making the server more fun for others and stop players that break the rules that are set in stone.

12. What ideas for events do you have that could be fun to do on the server? ( Only answer if applying for Game Master. )

13. What is the significance of being Staff?
I see staff as roles models to other players. They should set a good example by enforcing the rules and following them. They are also here to help the players currently on the server and help to fix their issues or problems they may experience.

14. How active are you on the server?
I play every day.

15. Past experiences as staff: ( Optional. )

16. You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation?
I fully understand that I sacrifice complete freedom to RP as Trial-Moderator.

17. How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal ( with your time ) With Capital Community?
I've been here for 2 weeks+ and already have O.W.L. I'm half way to NEWT and I plan on continuing playing because I enjoy the server and the people that play on it.

18. Did you read the staff rules, staff handbook and the player rules and the Staff helper/Game Master guidelines if applying for that?
I have read the staff rules, player rules, and Staff helper/Game Master guidelines.

19. Referral(s): ( Which Staff recommended you to apply? Optional. )

► You must have a public Steam Profile !

► Thread subject format: [Your ingame rp name]'s Trial-Moderator application or Game Master application.
Example thread name: Puma Balázs's Trial-Moderator application

► For number 19, if you put a false referral under any circumstance, your application will be immediately denied.

► Do not expect a reply to your staff application UNLESS you are accepted. Otherwise, please leave your staff application posted just in case. We May Need Emergency Staff at some point. - Do not beg other staff to check or plus one your application. Your application will be denied if you beg other staff to look at it. - Do not get your friends to register on the forums just to +1 your application. Especially if they do not even play on the server. In this case your application will be denied and you will be restricted from creating new ones. - DO NOT Re-Post the same application and DO NOT reply to your own application to be on the top !

► Do not copy or plagiarise your application or it will be denied, we want to know if YOU will be a good staff member, not someone else.

► Toxicity minimum in a staff member disrespect is 0% policy.

► You must have at least 100 hours on the server for Trial-Moderator & you must be active.

► You must have at least 600 hours in Garry's Mod and 100 on the server to apply for Game Master & you must be active.

► You must be at least 16 years of age.

► Staff applications are limited to one per month (30 days), unless granted permission to do. For example, if your staff application was denied on the 1st of July, you must wait exactly until the 1st of August to apply again. You must wait until the same numerical date of the next month to be able to apply again.

► If you were demoted from your staff position previously due to misbehaviour, misconduct, abuse of your powers, and or other breaches of your duties and responsibilities, you will require permissions from at least two super admins to make another staff application or to return to the staff team at any point in time.

► Applications must be created with the appropriate format. Failure to do so will result in your application getting auto-denied after 24 hours. * By creating this staff application you are expected to understand that you're here to teach players how to correct their wrongs and not just here to ban, There is nothing wrong with giving multiple warnings to multiple players, You do not just ban someone just because of the soul reason that they broke a rule. ONLY EVER ban players who are INTENTIONALLY breaking rules.


CC Staff
+1 Everytime I'm on, if izuki sees an innapropriate name he will always report it. He's always nice to people and would be a good addition to the staff team. :cool:

Lord Hagrid

Game Master
CC Staff
Game Master
+1 Always follows rules, Izuki once stayed awake well past his big boy bedtime because there was alot of mingers on the server and no prefects other than him. There hasnt been one time someone has gotten away with breaking the rules when Izukis watching and hes always very kind, even to the people he arrests.

Atlas Parks Jog Radcliffe

CC Staff
+1 Izuki is a great player and is constantly arresting people and going out of his way to help. When I'm on I usually am in a call with him and he'll tell me whats going on that people aren't reporting so I can solve the problem. He will and has stayed up all night just to help and is always watching.

Melo Melo

CC Staff
+1 Izuki has been an active player on the server, being friendly to most players that come on the server, along with assisting some of the staff members by making genuine reports about player actions and names to better the efficiency of our decisions.


New member
+1 Izuki has a good sense of what is and isnt allowed and often prefects on this, he would make a great staff
Im going to stay Natural on this one I don't really See you on the server that's not your bad that's my bad but you have a really good Staff App
and what i have read will be a good Member of the team :D


CC Staff
Community Supervisor
Accepted, welcome to the team!