Kork Staff Application



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1. What is your time zone and country of residence?

2. Your age:
- 22

3. Your SteamID:
- STEAM_0:0:59632925

4. Your Steam profile URL:
- https://steamcommunity.com/id/FaMeSneaky/

5. Your In-game roleplay name:
- Kork

6. Your Steam name:
- Mes

7. Have you ever been banned on Capital-Community? ( Explain why, If so. ):

- No

8. Do you have a microphone, if so, will you always use it in your sits?:
- Yes

9. What is RDM? Is it allowed?:
- RDM is Random Deathmatch and no it's not allowed.

10. How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod and how many of those are on the server?:
- 12,800 hours on Garry's mod and about 70 of them on the server (I believe)

11. Why do you want to become Staff?:
- Since I was removed due to the purging of the staff team, I would like to continue helping and supporting the server. I have been seeing some low number of staff members on at a time and I would love to just help out the staff team again with the reports that are coming in as well as showing activity and making sure all reports are tended too. Along side the being active, I would like to be more enforcing on the rules against other staff as there has been a real issue with abuse, disrespect, and unprofessionalism as a whole. I'm interested in further helping UkraineRP and continuing to help develop the professional standard that they hold all their staff members at. The community is overall great, every community has it's bad apples and I'm willing to help enforce at times where maybe not staff are online to ensure that people continue the RP and it doesn't just turn into an RDM fest which very much scares newer players away. The time that I was a part of the team I did really enjoy helping out wherever I could such as making a new handbook and punishment guidelines because prior to that there was none. I'm looking to further help develop the community as a whole.

12. As staff, you will also have the opportunity to run events. What ideas for events do you have that could be fun to do on the server?):
- I believe some Ideas I could do is capture the flag, an infection event, sumo with vehicles (as I've done in the past), racing events, and many more.

13. What is the significance of being Staff?:
- Significance of being staff is that they are always there to help out newer players and any member of the community, whether that be in the Discord with support tickets or on the server and helping with ingame tickets. Ensuring to show activity, knowledge of rules, and enforce them with no bias is very important.

14. How active are you on the server?:
- I haven't been active recently due to finals and moving back across the country, but now that I have months of free time I can expect that I will have plenty of time especially later in my time zone to hop on and help out whenever there usually is no staff online.

15. Past experiences as staff ( Optional. ):

1. Manager on GarnetGaming MRP - Operator Director GG MRP
2. Civant Gaming Police Roleplay Senior Administrator (Senior Management Team)
3. SuperAdministrator Lazarus Gaming SWRP
4. Super Administrator/Co-Owner FrostBite Network SWRP/Imperial Occ./HaloRP
5. Co-Owner RNG DRP
6. Owner SCOG Gaming DRP
7. SuperAdministrator Tamewater CloneWars RP
8. Community Director StarFall Gaming DRP
9. Community Director / Developer Oxten DRP
10. Ice #1 DRP - HeadAdministrator/Community Supervisor

** I have much more experience, I decided to only list my Management Roles, I've been staffing on Gmod for over 8 years **

16. You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation?:
- Yes, I mainly like to staff over RP.

17. How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal ( with your time ) With Capital Community?:
- I will ensure that I can stay active by making sure all tickets are being responded to ingame and on Discord and really just helping out wherever as I have a ton of experience in staffing.

18. Did you read the staff rules and the player rules before applying?:
- Yes.

19. Referral(s): ( Which Staff recommended you to apply? Optional. )
- N/A​


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CC Staff
Head Admin
Hey Kork I'll make a interview with you on Sunday at 8:00pm UK TIme


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Sounds good, I'll try to be there if I'm not there then I'm still away on my trip this weekend. I'll DM you if something changes.