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General Server Rules.

1. No Fail RP

Fail RP is the act of saying/doing something which your character would not say/do.
An event surrounding an action that your character commits that is not probable.

2. RDMing is not allowed

Never kill anyone without a valid RP reason.

3. Obey Staff and RP leaders

Always obey staff and your in-game RP leaders. They have authority over you whilst you are playing a specific role/on the server.

4. Do not break Garry's Mod's TOS and EULA.

While, yes this is UkraineRP, do not break the EULA of Garry's Mod through ERP, hate speech, discrimination, etc.

5. Do not mic/chat spam

Playing music into your microphone is not allowed, you also cannot make elongated/loud sounds. This can result in you being gagged/kicked/banned if repeated. You are not allowed to flood chat with unnecessary messages, this can also result in you being muted/kicked/banned if repeated.

6. Advert is for RP purposes only

Do not “/advert” for OOC purposes or irrelevant things. Only use it for official RP scenarios. This can result in a kick/ban if repeated.

7. Hateful, and offensive behavior or speech toward others is not allowed. (This can be an instant banned with no appeal.)

You are not permitted to say things which are deliberately set out to offend a particular group of people. You may not use slang, abbreviations, variations, epithets, phrases or words. You may also not deliberately upset other users. If you fail to abide by this rule, you can be instantly banned depending on the severity of the situation.

8. Meta-gaming is not permitted

This rule coincides with Rule 1 (in some cases) - you are not allowed to use information which you gained OOC or through unconventional methods.

9. Do Not Scam

Don't promise something you can not provide. Snatchers are allowed to scam students to capture them.

10. Do not ERP (Erotic Roleplay)

Do not make any sexual jokes, use any form of innuendo, or partake in any sexual/inappropriate role play scenarios. If a member says they don't feel comfortable with the situation, stop.

11. Do not sit to avoid RP situations

Do not sit down to avoid being captured or to avoid being killed. Sitting to avoid RP will result in a warning for Failrp.

12. Do not sit on “On Duty” staff's heads

Some staff are on the server but are not a part of RP. They are here to provide the server a better environment.

13. Do not advertise other servers. YOU WILL BE BANNED!

14 In a combat situation, do not fight in spawn points

This includes the main spawn point when you first join the server or faction spawns.

15. Stay out of the admin sit area unless you're brought by a staff member

If you glitch into the admin sit area, or you become a ghost and fly down there, you will be issued a warning by a member of staff. We go down there to have privacy when we do sits. If you're needed for the sit; you will be brought.

Ukraine Military Rules:

1. Under no circumstances may a Ukrainian Soldier kill a Ukrainian or Russian Civilian other than for self defense.

2. Ukrainian Government officials and soldiers may kill Russian troops or government at any time, with or without reason.

3. President of Ukraine may not legalize anything that would break server rules.

5. Corruption is no excuse to break server rules.

6. Genetic researchers may infect anyone outside of spawn.

Ukrainian Citizens Rules:

1. Ukrainian Citizens may not attack Ukrainian soldiers unless in self defense.

2. Ukrainian Citizens may attack Russian troops at any time.

3. Ukrainian Citizens rules apply to all jobs under the Ukrainian Citizens category.

Russian Military:

1. Russian Soldiers may not kill Ukrainian Citizens unless they pose a threat (i.e. have a gun out).

2. Russian Soldiers may not kill any fellow Russian Soldier or citizen.

3. Russian Soldiers may kill Ukrainian troops at any time, with or without reason.
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