Staff Rules and Guidelines

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CC Staff
These must be followed as they are stated below, if these are not followed you will be disciplined.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact a Manager. Thank You.


Server rules for staff

1.) Please respect all players and treat everyone as equals; there will be absolutely no favoritism towards a friend or being harsh on someone simply because you do not like that person.

2.) Staff powers are for sit/report and event purposes only; some things are able to slide like:
A ) Bringing a stuck person to you when you see they are clearly stuck B ) Slaying someone (with their permission) if they are glitched; or you can do "!respawn (name)" C ) Teleporting to a fellow staff member with their okay or them asking you to come to them.​

3.) Do not use admin only spells on players! Also, Admins+ please do not use any spells that your current job shouldn't have (including staff only spells) or give yourself or another player all spells.

4.) If you are the on “Staff on Duty” job please do not interfere with RP.

5.) Do not make up random rules for players just because you don't agree with what they are doing or you don't like them.

6.) Follow all server RP rules; if we expect players to not break certain rules we should not break them either!

7.) All staff must communicate with each other! We are a team and must act like one. Do not ignore a staff member because they did something that made you angry; talk it out with the person and get to a mutual understanding.

8.) Staff are to treat each other as equals. Just because you are a higher rank than another member or have been the same rank longer doesn't mean you should talk down on them and make them feel like they don't know anything about certain rules or punishments. Yes you might be above them in rank but do not make it seem like you’re using your rank in a negative way. This also goes for being questioned on your actions by a lower rank.

9.) Do not ask to be promoted or hint at you wanting to be promoted. If the Managers see you have proved you are ready to be promoted; you will get it.

10.) Don't be banish happy! Do not permanently banish or unban a person unless it’s a extreme situation or without a Managers permission. You may only permanently ban a player if they attempt to crash, do crash, cause harm to the server, or for extreme cases of racism or disrespect.

11.) Do not remove or reduce valid warns without approval from the staff member who gave out the warning or admin+ approval.

12.) Use your common sense about situations and also make your actions unbiased.

14.) Use a respectful tone to the players even if they are being disrespectful to you. Do not gag/mute someone just because they are being rude to you during a sit; let them talk and hear them out and be professional about the situation

15.) When you’re online claim reports and help the players. Do not ignore a report simply because you don't want to deal with it, don't like the person, are friends with the person that was reported, and do not close a report even before dealing with the situation!

16.) Do not remove any warning from a player unless they are a month old. If a player wants a warn removed before then you must contact the staff who gave the warning.
17.) Do not share your powers with players/friends. Some examples: A ) Cloaking a player (outside of an event) B ) Giving your friends special spells or shop items C ) Spawning in weapons for players (outside of an event, but absolutely no guns whatsoever)

18.) Do not spy on players unless there is a report on them. It’s fine to spectate around the map, but do not narrow in on someone without a valid reason.

19.) Don't physgun players or fellow staff without a valid reason.

20.) Do not spawn props to fool around with outside of an event. If you want to mess with props when there is not an event please go to the admin area.

21.) Only use noclip when needed. If you are nocliping please do so under/above the map, and not where you are visible to other players.

22.) Do not abuse the "!goto" command. If necessary; bring the person to you.

23.) Do not spy on people, including staff. Your job is to insure the safety of the server not see if someone has a crush on you.

24.) Do not start dumb votes or server announcements. Example : “Do you like cats more than dogs?”

25.) Do not accept personal donations from players for in-game items or spells!

26.) If you find any bugs or have suggestions then report them to a Manager or in the #bug-reports or #suggestions on Discord.

27.) Be a role model for the players and the members of the community. Act how you would want the players to act.

28.) The Managers/Owner have the final say! Disobeying these rules will lead to your demotion or possible probation. Going Inactive for multiple weeks without posting an ROA or letting a member of Management know will result in a Demotion. If you are going to be going inactive please let us know in the #reduction-of-activity section on Discord.

29.) Under no circumstances should you ever talk to the player base about what goes on between staff or staff drama, handle it with the Managers. This will result in an automatic strike if caught doing so.

30.) Staff Members may not interfere with events, but can question them if they think you might be breaking the rules, if you suspect something is breaking the rules please contact a Manager or Puma and let them handle the situation. Please communicate with each other about certain things happening on the server, especially if you have any questions. If there is a party going on, mainly in the Great Hall or Chamber, there will be an exception to the mic spam rule when the media player is not working.


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